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MTP 840 DM

Dynamic microphone - condenser sound

Versatility and durability, plus optimal suitability for punishing touring conditions with no compromises on sound: this is what the MTP 840 DM stands for. Its excellent transient response, refined electronics, and superior capsule design make the MTP 840 DM a unique tool for onstage use. Innovatively designed circuitry and the highest-quality components make for exceptionally low self-noise and a maximum of dynamic range when in Active Mode, and the frequency curve, – which is specially tailored for vocal recordings – provides the ultimate in sound quality. A three-step low-cut filter directly influences the proximity effect, permitting adaptation of the mic to individual preferences. The built-in three-position switchable amplifier, is specially adapted to the MTP 840 DM’s components, allowing lossless recording of even far-off sources. A supercardioid polar pattern provides maximum protection against feedback, and the flexibly suspended capsule reduces structure-borne noise to a minimum. The MTP 840 DM transports the artist’s voice in a powerful way, lending it the necessary presence without falsifying its individual character.


·         Proprietary dynamic capsule tuned specifically for demanding vocal applications, with brightened range and extended low end

·         Uniform supercardioid pickup pattern for maximum isolation of the main sound source

·         Optional active mode provides superior dynamic range of 121 dB-A and extremely low self-noise of 19 dB-A for ear-catching realism and distortion-free sonic depth

·         Optional 3-position switchable amplification (0 dB, 6 dB, and 12 dB) for unrivalled signal quality in demanding environments

·         3-position switchable high-pass filter for direct adjustment of proximity effect according to application and artist

·         Illuminated indication of microphone settings for quick and easy handling even in dark environments

·         Recessed slide switches prevent unintended change of settings

·         Effective integrated acoustic pop and windshield offers excellent protection without compromising high-frequency clarity

·         Rock-solid full metal, die-cast body for rough daily touring routine

·         Hardened steel mesh grille to prevent wear and abuse

·         Minimally affected by varying load impedance

·         Corrosion-resistant gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector

·         Comes in a cardboard box including MTP 40 MCs shock mount and DTP 40 Lb artificial leather bag


Top Applications:

·         Lead and background vocals

·         Demanding live and studio applications


Product Specs

Condition:   Brand New

Make:            Lewitt

Model:          MTP-840-DM

Categories: Microphones