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Akai Professional EWI4000s Electronic Wind Instrument


  • Touch Sensitive Keys
  • Wireless or Wired Operation
  • Includes Built-In Sound Module
  • Octave Roller
  • Breath, Vibrato, Glide Time, Bend


The EWI4000s from Akai Professional is an electronic wind instrument controller designed for live and studio applications. The most unique feature of the controller is that it has a built-in sound module, which allows performers to plug a wireless MIDI or audio setup into the base of the unit and move freely while they play. The EWI4000s has a combination of touch sensors and physical keys for control.

A special EVI fingering mode is available for brass players, and the unit can be played in the typical saxophone fingering mode. All vibrato, breath, bend, and glide time controls are fully-adjustable to give you the desired performance. The unit also has great connectivity options with MIDI input and output connectors, 1/4" and 1/8" outputs, and a DC power input for use with the optional power adapter. The EWI4000s can run on four AA batteries for up to eight hours so you know you won't run out of juice during a performance.

High-quality electronic wind controller
Built-in analog synthesizing sound module allows wireless playing
Integrated sensors detect lip and breath pressure for natural control of volume, pitch, and tone
Choose saxophone-style fingering or EVI mode for brass players
Touch-sensitive keys let you finger, pitch bend, and glide easily
Octave shift rollers provide an eight-octave control range
Built-in effects include delay, reverb, and chorus for customizing your sound
Runs for up to eight hours on four AA batteries. An optional wall adapter is available separately
MIDI input and output connectors let you connect to sound modules or your computer. 1/4" and 1/8" outputs let you connect headphones and other devices
Mac/Windows software allows you to store, recall, and customize internal sounds