Brand New Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT 16-Channel Analog Summing Mixer Faster Shipping

Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT 16-Channel Analog Summing Mixer

  • Improves Punch and Detail
  • Provides Clear Stereo Imaging
  • Increases Available Headroom
  • Integrates with Outboard Gear
  • Stepped Attenuator Volume Control
  • Custom-Built Linear Power Supply
  • Link to 2-BUS, 2-BUS LT and D-BOX
  • Hand-Built in the USA

The Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT 16-Channel Analog Summing Mixer is a 1U rack mountable summing mixer designed by mastering engineers for restoring the feel, headroom, and quality of analog sound to digital mixing. The unit can mix the output from up to 16 digital-to-analog converters and sum them to a stereo recorder or A/D converter for recording into your DAW. You can add more channels by using the device's pair of left and right XLR remote expansion connectors to link multiple 2-BUS, 2-BUS LT, Dangerous Music Monitor, or Monitor ST devices.

For I/O, the mixer features two 25-pin D-sub connectors that enable eight pairs of inputs and two stereo pairs of XLR outputs for the main out and monitor channels.

For each input pair, the front of the device features a mono button for sending the left or right channel of a pair down the center. A stepped output trim level knob provides an overall fine gain adjustment. All other controls such as signal levels and panning position with automation are adjusted within the Digital Audio Workstation.

A typical workflow using the 2-BUS LT would involve sending each track from within your digital mix to a separate output on your digital-to-analog converter. A patch bay can be inserted at this stage to expand your options for routing through outboard gear. Each output is then connected to an input on the summing mixer, the panning and levels are adjusted, and then the stereo output from the summing mixer is sent back through your analog-to-digital converter to record two new channels into your DAW.

By separating the individual elements of your mix and sending each one through a separate digital-to-analog converter channel, each element in the mix is supplied with the maximum amount of power to perform the conversion than would be the case if all the elements were sent through the same converter. The unit features a switching power supply and the back of the unit features a pair of banana plugs for separating the ground from the chassis.