Brand New Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ 16-Channel Analog Summing Mixer Faster Shipping

Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ 16-Channel Analog Summing Mixer

  • XLR and D-Sub Inputs
  • 3x Separate Custom Audio Processors
  • Harmonics Processor
  • Paralimit Processor
  • X-Former Processor
  • Can Flip Signal Flow Order
  • Add Tone and Color To Mixes
  • Designed by Chris Muth
  • 2 RU

Designed by Chris Muth, the Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ is a 16-channel analog summing mixer, with both XLR and D-sub inputs. The two-space rack unit expands upon the original with the addition of three separate custom audio processors that can be used to add tone and color to your mix.

The "Harmonics" processor is a tuned harmonic distortion generator implemented in a parallel-processing mode with a blend control. The "Paralimit" is an FET limiter which can also operate in parallel mode. These first two processors can be applied across the entire stereo mix or on a pair of stems. The "X-Former" processor inserts a pair of custom transformers onto the stereo mix and includes a control for core saturation. All three tone controls can be activated at once, and the order of the signal flow through distortion and limiting can be flipped.

The rear panel features two DB-25 line input connectors, sixteen XLR channel inputs, two XLR expansion inputs, two XLR outputs, two XLR monitor outputs, two XLR sends, and two XLR returns.