Brand New Bugera G20 INFINIUM Faster Shipping


  • 20W Class-A Tube Guitar Amplifier Head
  • 2 x ECC83, 2 x EL34
  • Master Volume
  • Built-In Reverb
  • Effects Loop
  • Footswitch for Channels & Reverb
  • Speaker-Emulated Headphone Output

ring some tube tone with you to your next gig with the Bugera G20 INFINIUM Amplifier Head. Just simply plug it into a (separately available) speaker cabinet, adjust the gain, tone, and volume knobs, maybe bring in a little reverb, and start rocking. The dual-channel design expands the palette of tones available from this amp at any given time. The Clean channel offers simple Volume and Tone controls for easily dialing in a bright or mellow clean sound. The Overdrive channel brings a gain control along with a 3-band EQ and a MORPH control for fine-tuning your distorted sound. A two-button footswitch for channel selection and toggling reverb is included.

Classic Tube Design with MORPH EQ
The G20 head features a dual ECC83 front-end and a dual EL34 power stage. This tube design provides sweetly-balanced harmonics and natural tube compression—resulting in the warm distortion and break-up reminiscent of the vintage megaliths of yesteryear—in a portable and attractive package.


Even though the EL34 evokes British-style tones, the MORPH EQ can be dialed in on the Overdrive channel for "puddle-jumping" the tone stack for a more American tone. Since the MORPH EQ can be tuned with a dedicated knob, you can choose to have all British, all American, or, the best of both worlds, somewhere in between.

INFINIUM Technology
By continuously monitoring the tube circuitry, INFINIUM lengthens tube life and keeps your tone consistent throughout the life of your tubes. When INFINIUM detects a change in tube operation due to aging or otherwise, it dynamically adjusts the circuitry so the tubes operate at their optimal load.


INFINIUM also knows when a tube needs to be replaced and will illuminate an LED by the offending tube to notify you. Auto-Bias circuitry allows you to replace the tube without any esoteric or potentially dangerous adjustments that would require a trip to an amp tech.

Effects Loop
Insert effects into your signal chain after the preamp but before the power amp. Some effects (usually delays and other ambient effects) work best after the amplifiers pre-amp, keeping your overdriven sound from getting muddy. A level switch ensures that your signal will stay at unity gain after going through several stompboxes.
Built-In Reverb
Use the built-in Reverb to put the finishing touch to your sound. Adjustable via the dedicated control on the front panel, you can dial in the level you desire-from a subtle touch to the cavernous, natural-sounding reverberation of a large arena.
Speaker-Emulated Headphone Output
Plug a pair of headphones into the dedicated output on the rear panel for full-sounding speaker-emulated tones. This output will still work while the bypass switch is engaged, so you can practice silently. Sound sources plugged into the AUX input will also play through the headphones, enabling you to play along to your favorite songs and backing tracks.
2-Button Footswitch
With the included footswitch, you can quickly change channels or engage/disengage the built-in reverb effect. The footswitch is housed in a heavy-duty metal casing with a 15' integrated cable and has status LEDs to indicate which channel is active and whether reverb is on or off.