Brand New Ampeg SVT-4PRO 1600W Bass Guitar Amplifier Fast Shipping

Ampeg SVT-4PRO 1600W Bass Guitar Amplifier

  • 1200W at 8 Ohms or 1600W at 4 Ohms
  • Stereo & Bi-Amp Capability
  • Tube-Driven Preamp
  • Solid-State Power Section
  • On-Board Compressor & 9-Band Graphic EQ
  • 2x Transformer-Balanced XLR Line Outputs
  • Stereo Effects Loop
  • Circuit Breaker Protection

Equipped with a 3-band EQ and an on-board compressor, the Ampeg SVT-4Pro is an amplifier designed for bass guitar and capable of handling 1200W RMS at 8 ohms, or 1600W RMS at 4 ohms. The unit has a tube-driven preamp, a solid-state power section, and 9-band graphic EQ. Stereo/bi-amp capabilities are also features of the SVT-4Pro.

Turn your attention to the back of this amplifier and you'll see a plethora of ins and outs: two speakON jacks for stereo/bi-amp mode, one speakON for mono bridge mode, and a multitude of 1/4" jacks for effects loops, power amp inputs, preamp outputs, footswitches, speaker outputs, and high/low bi-amp outputs. Additionally, two transformer-balanced XLR line outputs allow you to port wet and dry signal to a PA or mixer—though a flick of a switch turns wet/dry into true stereo. There are also 1/4" balanced/unbalanced outputs available for this express purpose. A small pad next to the speaker output section provides you a few sonic options: bridged mono mode, true stereo mode, and bi-amp mode, in which the highs and lows of your sound are ported into separate cabinets as governed by the amplifier's adjustable crossover and frequency-balance controls.

Lastly, a circuit breaker protects against faulty power situations.

  • Dual power amplifiers operate in true stereo or mono bridged mode
  • Adjustable crossover points and low-to-high balance controls for bi-amp capabilities
  • Five-position midrange selector for greater mid manipulation
  • On-board compressor
  • Ampeg's proprietary Ultra Hi/Lo Options
  • -15 dB pad and "Bright" pad available on input
  • Nine-band graphic EQ with independent level control
  • 2x 1/4" tuner output jacks
  • 1/4" and speakON output jacks
  • 2x XLR transformer-balanced line outputs with independent level control and switchable pre/post EQ option
  • 2x Power amp in and preamp out
  • Footswitch control for effects loop, graphic EQ, and mute feature (Footswitch not included)
  • Circuit breaker protection indemnifies against fault conditions